Welcome folks, my name is Phil Reames.

I am a semi-retired financial professional.  While I no longer manage investments I still help people with their insurance needs.  Life, Health, and Self Funded Long Term Care Insurance.

Why is that important?  Being semi-retired, I don't have to try and hammer every single person I talk to into buying a policy from me.  I'm not one of those people at the end of an 800 number insurance mill line who has to pressure people into buying just to feed his/her family!  Know what I mean?

Some people I can help and we will do business together.  Other people I can't help and that is OK too! Wouldn't it be nice to not be pressured?  Of course it would!  

As we all know, phone tag sucks.  So if you have questions and would like to start a conversation, please click on the button below to schedule a call!

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery

Get a life insurance quote without anyone calling or bothering you!

I don't know about you but sometimes I just want info without being bothered by anyone.  I'm not ready to buy yet, I just need numbers to see if it is even feasible right now.  Know what I mean?  

If you are like that as well then here you go.  Play around with the numbers to your hearts content. I promise not to call unless you invite me too!

Please Note:  I am licensed to sell life insurance in Michigan and Kentucky. If you generate a quote for any other state it will be your responsibility to find a licensed insurance professional in that state to help you with your quote.  I am simply providing access to the quotes in other states as a service of convenience to those who want the information without being bothered by sales calls.  Can I be any clearer on that???  :)